The Revelation of Your Words

The New Evangelization and the Role of the Seminary Professor of Sacred Scripture

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This collection of essays treats the role of the seminary professor of sacred Scripture within the context of the New Evangelization.

Editor(s): Kevin Zilverberg and Scott Carl
Published: April 1, 2021

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The Revelation of Your Words, a collection of essays, treats the role of the seminary professor of sacred Scripture within the context of the New Evangelization. Some of the essays concern principally the imparting of knowledge and best practices to accomplish this; others concern the fostering of delight in the sacred page and spiritual encounter with God. Although these essays are Catholic, written within a Catholic theological framework and with Catholic seminaries in mind, many of their conclusions can be applied to non-Catholic environments. This book provides insights that, even beyond the seminary, will benefit teachers of the Bible, regardless of their denomination and level of instruction.

Readers will encounter the following authors and topics. Peter S. Williamson writes on the implications of the New Evangelization for priestly ministry and for teaching Scripture. Steven C. Smith makes a contribution concerning the role of the seminary professor of sacred Scripture in forming priests. Michael Magee treats the relevance of Johannine irony to the New Evangelization. Stephen Ryan’s chapter takes up the topic of Old Testament Wisdom literature and formation for a New Evangelization. Juana L. Manzo seeks a path to integrate modern and ancient interpretations of difficult texts into the seminary classroom. Kelly Anderson takes up the father of Proverbs 1–9 as a model of spiritual fatherhood for seminary professors. Scott Carl proposes a spiritual reading of sacred Scripture in the twenty-first century. Michael Magee, in his second contribution, writes on the joy of discovery in the Fourth Gospel. James Keating reflects upon the exegete as seminary formator. Finally, André Villeneuve advocates for the teaching of Biblical Hebrew in Catholic seminaries and academic institutions.

Kevin Zilverberg, SSD, and Scott Carl, SSL, are diocesan priests and professors of sacred Scripture at The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity at the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, MN. They also serve together on the seminary’s priestly formation team. Carl edited Verbum Domini and the Complementarity of Exegesis and Theology in 2015, and Zilverberg authored the forthcoming monograph The Textual History of Old Latin Daniel from Tertullian to Lucifer (Madrid: CSIC).


Fr. Joseph Briody, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Giuseppe De Virgilio, Gregorianum 103, no. 4 (2022): 913–5.


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The Revelation of Your Words places the Word of God convincingly before us as an encounter with the Living God who speaks and transforms. I highly recommend this volume as important and refreshing. It inspires a renewed enthusiasm for the Word of God, for “[a]ll evangelization is based on that word” (Pope Francis, Evangelii gaudium § 174). It encourages the seminary professor—and indeed every reader of the Bible—to extract theological-spiritual honey from the honeycomb of sound critical exegesis. This upbeat publication reflects the joy that should accompany discipleship, exegesis, and evangelization. Most of all, this collection shows that exegetical competency and the thirst for the salvation of souls need not be strictly compartmentalized but are mutually enriching. Scripture is the soul of theology, carrying with it the knowledge and power to draw us. This insight may be the abiding and exciting take away from The Revelation of Your Word. In short, the work reveals the reciprocity between critical study and prayer, greater knowledge and greater love, truth and conversion. Beyond scholarly criticism, important as that is, the pages of Scripture offer an encounter with Life.”

— Fr. Joseph Briody
Professor of Sacred Scripture
Saint John’s Seminary, Boston

“Va riconosciuto uno particolare merito agli autori di questo libro per la profondità, l’ecclesialità e la sensibilità pastorale con cui trattano il profilo curricolare degli studi biblici. Il libro si caratterizza per la chiarezza espositiva e l’attenzione alla dimensione pedagogica del docente di Sacra Scrittura.”

Giuseppe De Virgilio
Professore Straordinario di Nuovo Testamento e Teologia Biblica
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome

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