Catholic Theological Formation Series

The Transcendent Mystery of God’s Word

“Antioch” and “Alexandria” are representative in this book of interpretive stances that pay attention to historical context, change, and development and are open to transcendence in order to offer the salvific power of Scripture to readers in our own day.

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Worth Lamb, front cover

Worthy Lamb

This book is a systematic commentary on the Apocalypse of Saint John, following an idealist or allegorical approach that flows into a spiritual reflection regarding the Christian life.

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The Word of Truth, Sealed by the Spirit

This book collects seven new peer-reviewed essays pertaining to the topic of biblical inspiration and truth.

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The Revelation of Your Words

This collection of essays treats the role of the seminary professor of sacred Scripture within the context of the New Evangelization.

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Piercing the Clouds cover image

Piercing the Clouds

This book’s six essays pertain to the “piercing of the clouds,” or the experience of heavenly mysteries, which characterizes lectio divina practiced well. These peer-reviewed essays give special attention to the practice of lectio divina during preparation for ministry.

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Granados Sánchez-Navarro Front Cover

In the School of the Word

Granados and Sánchez-Navarro propose Christian conversion and acceptance of faith (in the Word) as the hermeneutical key for interpreting sacred Scripture.

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Verbum Domini cover

Verbum Domini and the Complementarity of Exegesis and Theology

These essays offer a sustained reflection on how Catholic theological formation is necessarily grounded in scriptural exegesis.

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General Editor

Kevin Zilverberg

Editorial Board

Kelly Anderson
Matthew C. Briel
Paige Hochschild
Andrew Hofer, OP
Matthew Levering
Michael Monshau, OP
Christopher J. Thompson
Kevin Zilverberg


Worthy Lamb: An Exegetical-Spiritual Commentary on John’s Apocalypse, Andreas Hoeck (2024)

The Transcendent Mystery of God’s Word: A Critical Synthesis of Antioch and Alexandria, ed. John W. Martens and Paul V. Niskanen (2024)

The Word of Truth, Sealed by the Spirit: Perspectives on the Inspiration and Truth of Sacred Scripture, ed. Matthew Genung and Kevin Zilverberg (2022)

Augustine’s Confessions and Contemporary Concerns, ed. David Vincent Meconi, SJ (2022)

In the School of the Word: Biblical Interpretation from the New to the Old Testament, Carlos Granados, DCJM, and Luis Sánchez-Navarro, DCJM (2021)

Piercing the Clouds: Lectio Divina and Preparation for Ministry, ed. Kevin Zilverberg and Scott Carl (2021)

The Revelation of Your Words: The New Evangelization and the Role of the Seminary Professor of Sacred Scripture, ed. Kevin Zilverberg and Scott Carl (2021)

On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Cultivating a Contemporary Theology of Creation, ed. David Vincent Meconi, SJ (2016; repr., 2021)

Verbum Domini and the Complementarity of Exegesis and Theology, ed. Scott Carl (2015; repr., 2021)




The Catholic Theological Formation Series is sponsored by The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity, the graduate school of theological formation for Roman Catholic seminarians and laity enrolled at the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota. As a premier institution of theological for­mation for the region and beyond, The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity seeks to form men and women for the task of fulfilling the specific call God has for them, a call grounded in their common baptismal vocation to serve one another in Christ.

The school is intentional in its commitment to priestly and diaconal formation; as an institution of graduate theological education, it also prepares the laity to make Christ known and loved in the world. Although the students prepare for diverse ministries, all enroll in a curriculum of theological formation within the context of holistic and integrated Catholic formation.

It is this challenge of theological formation—the challenge to faithfully inform one’s understanding—that serves as the focus of this series, with special attention given to the task of preparing priests, deacons, teachers, and leaders within the Roman Catholic tradition. Although the series is academic in tenor, it aims beyond mere academics in its integrative intellectual approach. We seek to promote a form of discourse that is professional in its conduct and spiritual in its outcomes, for theological formation is more than an exercise in academic technique. It is rather about the perfecting of a spiritual capacity: the capacity on the part of the human person to discern what is true and good.

To maintain the series’ academic tenor, future admissions will undergo peer review. This has already been done for Piercing the Clouds and The Word of Truth, Sealed by the Spirit. Other volumes not formally reviewed, whose essays originated in invited lectures, still underwent editorial scrutiny and correction.

This series, then, aims to develop the habits of mind required of a sound intellect—a spiritual aptitude for the truth of God’s living Word and his Church. Most often, it will draw from the more traditional specializations of historical, systematic, moral, and biblical scholarship. Homiletics and pastoral ministry are anticipated venues as well. There will be occasions, however, when a theme is examined across disciplines and periods, for the purposes of bringing to our common consideration a thesis yet undeveloped.

Despite the variety of methodologies and topics explored, the series’ aim remains constant: to provide a sustained reflection upon the mission and min­istry of Catholic theological formation of both clergy and laity alike.

The general editor of the Catholic Theological Formation Series, Fr. Kevin Zilverberg, serves as associate professor of sacred Scripture and the founding director of Saint Paul Seminary Press at The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity.

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