The Transcendent Mystery of God’s Word

“Antioch” and “Alexandria” are representative in this book of interpretive stances that pay attention to historical context, change, and development and are open to transcendence in order to offer the salvific power of Scripture to readers in our own day.

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McIlraith front cover

Everyone’s Apocalypse

Everyone’s Apocalypse is an easy-to-read and prayerful introduction for beginners to this exciting last book of the Bible.

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Worth Lamb, front cover

Worthy Lamb

This book is a systematic commentary on the Apocalypse of Saint John, following an idealist or allegorical approach that flows into a spiritual reflection regarding the Christian life.

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Walking with Jesus Christ - cover image

Walking with Jesus Christ

the collected essays and consensus statements of the second round of the National Evangelical-Catholic Dialogue

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The Word of Truth, Sealed by the Spirit

This book collects seven new peer-reviewed essays pertaining to the topic of biblical inspiration and truth.

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Manual de Doctrina Social - cubierta

Manual de Doctrina Social de la Iglesia

un resumen accesible del Compendio de la Doctrina Social de la Iglesia, en forma de cuestión y respuesta

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The Revelation of Your Words

This collection of essays treats the role of the seminary professor of sacred Scripture within the context of the New Evangelization.

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Piercing the Clouds cover image

Piercing the Clouds

This book’s six essays pertain to the “piercing of the clouds,” or the experience of heavenly mysteries, which characterizes lectio divina practiced well. These peer-reviewed essays give special attention to the practice of lectio divina during preparation for ministry.

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Granados Sánchez-Navarro Front Cover

In the School of the Word

Granados and Sánchez-Navarro propose Christian conversion and acceptance of faith (in the Word) as the hermeneutical key for interpreting sacred Scripture.

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Verbum Domini cover

Verbum Domini and the Complementarity of Exegesis and Theology

These essays offer a sustained reflection on how Catholic theological formation is necessarily grounded in scriptural exegesis.

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